out and about and eating…

We went for a wander today to get away from the projects that are eating our brains (in a good way). We decided to actually stop in a number of the little towns around Hudson that we often drive through, rarely stop in, in search of a good coffee or bite to eat.

I missed our first destination, Linlithgo, because a crazy person was on my tail and to take a left turn in front of this lunatic would have meant collision. O well – I don’t think there’s food in Linlithgo. We stopped in Germantown just a little further up the road. We’ve stopped in Germantown in the past, in search of restaurant that I had read about –  but it was already closed.  But, we found the new grocery in town, Otto’s Market.  This is exactly what we need in Hudson: a small market, centrally located, with fresh bread, produce, basic canned and dry goods and a couple of seats for eating in.  In the back they have a deli counter preparing food, and as we left I saw a gorgeous egg and bacon on a roll.  It made me sad that I had eaten breakfast.  Definitely worth a stop.  And if you need wine for later, stop at the package goods store across the street.

Our next stop was in Tivoli, a tiny town just north of Bard. After buying yet more used books for the reading pile, we went to Tivoli Bread and Baking.  I picked out an apple muffin and an almond macaroon and at the last minute my other half spotted a sandwich which became his lunch.  That sandwich!  Such simplicity: crusty chewy baguette, butter, ham, brie.  We had to have a second one. Uh, I had taken more than a couple of bites of the sandwich.  The apple muffin was moist and not too spicy (ie, cinnamon-y, which is usually the problem with all things apple), and the almond macaroon was perfect – crunchy  and chewy. Luckily we had left the bakery or I would have gotten a second one of those as well.  You can read a NY Times article on Tivoli here.

Red Hook was next.  Our find there was Taste Budd’s: chocolates, lunch, coffee in a very comfortable space.  We stopped long enough to taste the chocolate covered butter crunch (they brilliantly sell the various chocolate covered thingies in small cups for less than $2, although larger amounts are available) and we escaped just before the live music was to start. Must return.

On the way into Rhinebeck we stopped at Mi Pequeno Oaxaca,  on 9 across from the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  In addition to spices, sauces, cojito and queso fresco, I’ve heard that they have fresh tamales on Sunday. Another must return.  In sadder news, it was confirmed that Fleischer’s(the grass-fed meat store) has left Rhinebeck and now can only be found in Kingston.

A stop at Hannaford’s, my favorite big chain grocery store for dinner (seared trout, roasted brussel sprouts and fluffy white rice), which my other half has just finished cooking. 

Next time I’ll try to pause before inhaling everything to take pictures.


2 responses to this post.

  1. love the blog! especially since i am happily learning about all of the local resources up here. i definitely want to check out the mexican place… i adore tamales. maybe we can meet up in kingston one day to check out that butcher. you know, since we’re both vegetarians ;n)


  2. Posted by Fran Parker on February 26, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    We must visit the wonderful sounding food venues in Tivoli, Red Hook and Rhinebeck on my next trip East! It all sounds devine!

    I enjoyed reading your blog – it looks like there is no shortage of adventures fit for foodies in your neck of the woods. I’ll look forward to reading more in the future.


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