Slowly crawling toward spring…


“Think Spring” signs and other such hopeful notices have been popping up, and the “spring forward” time change yesterday as well as temperatures in the 60s help as well.  But I’m still only dreaming of gardening… My little herb garden that usually lives in pots on my back porch has been wintering on the kitchen counter and except for the basil the survival rate has been great.   The parsley plant above is a transplant from the garden last fall, after being chomped down to the stalks by Chuck the Woodchuck twice and then living through a couple of frosts.  It has now also survived my indoor gardening.

Since I don’t dare start gardening yet (there isn’t a lot of prep to do with my tiny plot), I went for a drive to check out the return of our one and only health food store in Hudson, closed for the past 1+ years after a fire.  Kaaterskill Farms Health Food Store  is back and expanded but I have a feeling it’s not quite done yet.  The bulk food section is probably my favorite part with all sorts of things I can’t find in the grocery stores – and hopefully they will expand the selection of local foods.  Welcome back!

Also while wandering, I found the building across from the train station is mid-renovation.  I think this might be the coffee roastery I’ve heard rumor of –  I spied one coffee roasting maching in the back.  A local coffee producer would be a great addition to the area as well as for my taste buds.

Until it’s open, I will have to continue to dream of gardening and farmers markets and other things yummy.


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