first day of spring! and a big step forward

Spring is here!  Nevermind that it’s snowing…

On Sunday I had watched the 60 Minutes interview with Alice Waters and the ever timely local site The 12534 posted it earlier this week.  I’m not sure why she is called the mother of Slow Food – what about Carlo Petrini who started the movement in Italy in the late 1980’s??? – although she has been the force in the US.  Regardless.  I recently finished the book Alice Waters and Chez Panisse on her history and her attempts, starting with the Clinton administration, to get the White House to plant an organic garden to help send the message that we need to eat clean food now.  I believe the Clintons planted a garden on the roof – but Ms. Waters wants it visible to the public.  I heard on NPR this morning that Michelle Obama is breaking ground on the South Lawn – a giant step for organic gardening.  You can also read about it in the NY Times.

Now if I could only get it together to break ground on my little garden…


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