a visit to a sugar shack – the sap is running!



50 gallons of maple sap go into 1 gallon of maple syrup.  That’s my factoid of the day.  Three of us went on an adventure in the Catskills today to find a sugar shack and learn the process of making maple syrup.  We were lucky enough to find Oliverea Maple – and I say lucky because our maple syrup man used to be a science teacher and  was pretty good at explaining things.  I drove right by the place first, since there are tubes attached to all the maple trees, and the place is tiny:



A forest of tubes is a little weird.  Except when you compare it to the effort of emptying each tree’s bucket once a day during season, then it makes sense.  The sap is collected, put through a reverse osmosis thingy to clean it up, then boiled down into syrup.  Maple syrup man said he started as a hobbyist in the house, but then it sounds like his wife bought him his first equipment to work outside in the shack (take it outside, honey). The batch today was super dark, which in NY State is not known as Grade B but is instead labeled Grade A Dark Amber:



This was our beautiful maple shot – no dipping in of fingers but drinking it straight down.  Yummy!  As you might imagine, I now own 1000 mililiters of beautiful dark amber maple syrup.



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