Yea! I always watch Eger’s farmstand at the corner of 9 and 23 south of Hudson NY.  This is the first sign of spring food-wise (other than the ample dandelion greens available in every yard…


Dandelion tea anyone?


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  1. yum! there are few things i love more than a self-serve farm stand!


  2. i guess i may have to go up there for my spinach now because half the spinach i planted started to bolt! what the heck, it hasn’t been that hot yet……..


    • Posted by hungryinhudsonny on May 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

      I can’t believe you have anything bolting already – my seedlings are just starting to grow… Must be that powerful manure that you used.
      This is the time of year that I gorge myself on spinach – after winter I’m craving green nutrients, and I love using the honor system! I wish I could find more of these.


  3. […] Bros. starts the season by putting out self-service spinach as we are thawing out from winter.  For me it’s always a sign of hope – the first sign […]


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