Farmers’ Market season is open

I’ve been receiving notices on the (soft) openings of various farmers’ markets in the areas – it’s time to start eating.  OK, I never really stopped, but as much as I love bread and cheese and roasted veggies, I’m excited to start eating fresh local produce again.  I’ve only just begun with the spinach from Eger’s (available only on the weekend we’ve discovered).

The Hudson Farmers’ Market had their opening on May 9th, promising parsnips, sorrel, kale (I still don’t love kale), bedding plants (I’ve had great luck with the heirloom tomato plants that I get from Miller’s Crossing) and whoopie pies.  The market is located at North 6th & Columbia, and runs on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.  Sign up for their emails and you’ll get previews just about every week on what to expect.

I wonder what sorrel tastes like.

Rural Intelligence did a roundup of other area farmers’ markets (including MA & CT) here.  While a lot of their focus is on the Berkshires, they cover Columbia County and northern Dutchess as well, including many of our great food options.  Have a look.  The market in Catskill, just across the river in Greene County, should open in June. 

Practice Slow Money and support local farms.   Read a great story here.

How much food can I actually eat this week???


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  1. Posted by Andy Goode Life on May 14, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    I love it when this season *f*i*n*a*l*l*y* returns… so ready for the freshness, the crunchiness, the hmm-hmm-goodness.

    We have been able to eat a few things from the garden so far: salads, rhubarb — a welcome change after the winter veggies of cale and parsnip 😀 .

    Yesterday I read an interesting article on Sommer Tomato: Ask your iPhone what is for dinner — I mention this because here she mentions some pretty neat apps for iPhones amoungst which is Local Harvest and I thought, this ties in very nicely with your post. You do not need an iPhone to appreciate the Local Harvest site… this is web2.0 at it’s best!

    Happy fresh veggie eating,


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