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it’s fresh fruit season!

You probably knew that already?  Strawberries are ending, cherries are out, I saw a sign for blueberries (already!) and mulberries should just about be ready.  Did I miss anything?


I couldn’t find the kirsch so I soaked cherries in cassis and served on plain greek-style yogurt.  I’m trying to hit a middle road between alway eating the fruit plain (which is always good) and loading it with lots of sugar (also good, but admittedly not so healthy).  I always seem to enjoy dessert so much more than salad…

To find farmers markets, CSAs and farm stands near you can search by state and town: and about food in the area:, or, in case you missed it on The 12534, Columbia County local producers are mapped here.

Happy eating!

beets – a first attempt

I used to hate them.  Silly me.

lovely beet stems

lovely beet stems

We bought some of the first beets of the season – I love when we get past the kale stage at the farmers market.  We roasted the beets to top a spinach salad and will saute the greens with some garlic and have with rice.  That left the stems.  I’d read a reference earlier in the week to pickled stems – but of course had not kept the article.  And the recipe was a little bit of this, a little bit of that type that didn’t really tell me how to do it.  So I faked it.


I'm not sure these look appetizing...

I'm not sure these look appetizing...

It’s making me thinking of a sci-fi movie, not in a good way.  I might have to try again.

Food, Inc.


Where do I begin?  Since I’ve read many of the books (Omnivore’s Dilemma, Fast Food Nation) and have seen many of the movies (The Future of Food, Super Size Me) at this point, I qualify as a “foodie” (I prefer “eater”) who knows a little too much of the dire information about our industrial food system and really why haven’t I moved to a farm in Vermont to raise my food myself already??? 

Did you know there’s corn in orange juice?  Do you know how many iterations of corn (or soy) are in all of our purchases?  Good heavens I hope there isn’t corn in wine…

Please go see this film.  I believe that you can eat whatever you want – you just should know what that “food” is.  At the end of the film text flashes across the screen with steps that you, the consumer, can take.   The last line is:

“You can change the world with every bite.”

End of today’s rant.  I think.

tortillaville – a follow up

tacos, a burrito & a Jarritos

tacos, a burrito & a Jarritos


 In short, good quick (and clean) food, but city prices.  A couple of us stopped there last week for lunch  – all of a sudden there are options down at that end of town that don’t involve the concession stand (although one of the volunteers, Diane, is a neighbor and a lovely lady.  But it’s a concession/newspaper stand.)   

One of us ordered a burrito ($5), one of us ordered 2 beef tacos and I ordered a tofu (!) taco and a bean & cheese taco.  We decided to have a couple of Jarritos lime sodas (no high fructose corn syrup – yea!) and the total was less than $20 for 3 of us.  Not terrible.  Per portion the prices are small but the portions are small so you need at least 2 and my friend needed 3.  Not such a cheap lunch then.  All around the table we agreed that it was simple and good, just not quite enough.  It reminded me of eating tacos in Mexico (never found tofu tacos there, though).  

They have just opened and are still evolving – I overheard that there will be fish and shrimp tacos in the future, and they’ve already expanded their open days.  They’re friendly.  We need good places.  Buy local.  Go check it out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, let them know what you think.  

  • Tortillaville (beautiful shiny cart on South Front Street, across from the train station)
  • Wednesday – Sunday
  • Noon – 6 (update: unless it’s all-day-pouring-down-rain)

***Update (6/18): Fish tacos are available.  Vegan options are the tofu taco, or the bean taco without the cheese.  Yum!  

***New Update (7/2): They’ve moved to the sw corner of 5th & Warren – I can’t tell you how convenient that is for me!  Should be great for business.  

***Newer Update (June 2010): Move again, to 347 Warren.  More options.  Still good food.

um, the mesclun lettuce didn’t work…

mesclun 1Or, it didn’t work quite the way I intended.  I have pots of baby mesclun and micro greens growing on my front porch in an effort to not feed the woodchuck (who eats everything on the back porch). Before I had a single green in my salad however, they had all bolted/bloomed, and now I have dying flowers on my porch, not mesclun greens.

I’ll talk about the woodchuck another day.

mesclun 2