Food, Inc.


Where do I begin?  Since I’ve read many of the books (Omnivore’s Dilemma, Fast Food Nation) and have seen many of the movies (The Future of Food, Super Size Me) at this point, I qualify as a “foodie” (I prefer “eater”) who knows a little too much of the dire information about our industrial food system and really why haven’t I moved to a farm in Vermont to raise my food myself already??? 

Did you know there’s corn in orange juice?  Do you know how many iterations of corn (or soy) are in all of our purchases?  Good heavens I hope there isn’t corn in wine…

Please go see this film.  I believe that you can eat whatever you want – you just should know what that “food” is.  At the end of the film text flashes across the screen with steps that you, the consumer, can take.   The last line is:

“You can change the world with every bite.”

End of today’s rant.  I think.

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