tortillaville – a follow up

tacos, a burrito & a Jarritos

tacos, a burrito & a Jarritos


 In short, good quick (and clean) food, but city prices.  A couple of us stopped there last week for lunch  – all of a sudden there are options down at that end of town that don’t involve the concession stand (although one of the volunteers, Diane, is a neighbor and a lovely lady.  But it’s a concession/newspaper stand.)   

One of us ordered a burrito ($5), one of us ordered 2 beef tacos and I ordered a tofu (!) taco and a bean & cheese taco.  We decided to have a couple of Jarritos lime sodas (no high fructose corn syrup – yea!) and the total was less than $20 for 3 of us.  Not terrible.  Per portion the prices are small but the portions are small so you need at least 2 and my friend needed 3.  Not such a cheap lunch then.  All around the table we agreed that it was simple and good, just not quite enough.  It reminded me of eating tacos in Mexico (never found tofu tacos there, though).  

They have just opened and are still evolving – I overheard that there will be fish and shrimp tacos in the future, and they’ve already expanded their open days.  They’re friendly.  We need good places.  Buy local.  Go check it out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, let them know what you think.  

  • Tortillaville (beautiful shiny cart on South Front Street, across from the train station)
  • Wednesday – Sunday
  • Noon – 6 (update: unless it’s all-day-pouring-down-rain)

***Update (6/18): Fish tacos are available.  Vegan options are the tofu taco, or the bean taco without the cheese.  Yum!  

***New Update (7/2): They’ve moved to the sw corner of 5th & Warren – I can’t tell you how convenient that is for me!  Should be great for business.  

***Newer Update (June 2010): Move again, to 347 Warren.  More options.  Still good food.


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  1. Hi Colleen
    How was the tofu taco? Did you by any chance notice if they had soy cheese or soy sour cream????? I’m not holding my breath…….


    • Posted by hungryinhudsonny on June 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

      The tofu taco was good – but you don’t really notice the tofu for the shredded cabbage, etc. I do not think they had soy cheese or soy sour cream – so I don’t think they have any true vegan offerings… But they are new and still changing – why not go down and ask?


  2. The true vegan offerings currently offered at Tortillaville are; tofu taco, and bean taco without the cheese. We don’t carry soy sour cream – not enough space for multiple options.

    Our hours are definitely Wed – Fri noon to six. That said, if it is an all day steady rain, we don’t open that day.

    We’ll do our best to be generous size-wise, but the prices accurately reflect the cost of the food and the time we put into it. Note: the fish tacos are now available.

    Coming soon: art, jewelry, and live local (pass the hat) music on various weekends


    • Posted by hungryinhudsonny on June 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm

      Thanks for the update Brian!
      I understand about the prices – quality of the food is more important than simply being cheap. I think about this every time I shop!


  3. Today, 6/19, we introduced the garlic shrimp taco. It was an instant hit. We will be carrying this on a regular basis and offer it as a taco, and perhaps a burrito.

    The fish taco is also a hit and a mainstay. That sai, we might experiment beyond talapia, but we love the talapia.

    Our non dairy, non gluten bean tacos come with 6″ soft corn tortillas, two types of beans, organic refried and black, rice,cilantro, salsa, and we add some extra avocado. We also have yummy organic tofu taos and burritos.

    Tortillaville is very happy in Hudson, and we appreciate the early embrace very much!


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