why isn’t everyone cooking?


Michael Pollan writes in the NY Times today about the current mode of talking about cooking and watching cooking but that we’re hardly cooking for ourselves anymore.  He refers to Julia Child and the soon to be released  movie Julie & Julia and that while cooking has become part of our media culture, it isn’t necessarily how most of us get our own meals.  We don’t actually prepare our own food and have little sense of the time cost involved in our eating and snacking, and that this correlates with the increasing obesity rates in our society.

The (scary) question is whether the desire for everyday cooking can be revived.  It will need to be taught to people who wish to take the time to learn since we’re decades in to cooking by microwave, eating out of cans and boxes, etc.  This is a good article, as is most everything that Michael Pollan writes, and I recommend it if you’re interested in food. Or especially if you’re not. 

Bon Appetit!


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