breakfast in Hudson

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While it’s hard to get me off my back porch this time of year, sometimes I am too lazy to make coffee and I go out for breakfast.  That, or I crave bacon.  So, where to go?

The favorite option is one that friends turned us on to a couple of years ago: Tanzy’s, located at 223 Warren Street.  This little tea shop opened up for breakfast as a practical move, and it’s my favorite meal there.  I usually order eggs, bacon and toast but they always have a couple of specials to consider.  Great prices and family friendly.  They keep refilling your coffee cup so watch out.  They open at 8am. Closed Wednesdays.

Verdigris – a small tea emporium at 13 South 3rd Street.  Open at 10am so good for a later breakfast offering baked goods and tea of course.  Closed Tuesdays.

Cascades – I haven’t been here yet (note previously mentioned laziness in the morning) but it’s on the list to try.  Breakfast and lunch placed located at 407 Warren Street, open at 8am.  Closed Sundays.

Nola’s/Nolita’s – I want this place to be so much more – but in the meantime they have the only outdoor garden actually on Warren  which is great for people watching. Located at 454 Warren Street (at 5th), open at 8am.

Earth Foods – Family-run restaurant at 523 Warren Street, dishes are often made with organic produce. I’ve been here for lunch more than breakfast, but it’s worth grabbing one of the few tables on the sidewalk while the street is still waking up. Open at 9am. Closed Tuesdays.

Le Gamin Country – Dare I say this is our fabulous option for breakfast?  Fabulous in that NYC not really sort of way.  At any rate, where else can you get a bowl of cafe au lait and a tartine, my favorite breakfast of all time?  You must sit at one of the sidewalk tables here.  Do not go for the service.  Located at 609 Warren Street, open at 9am.  Closed Wednesdays.

Diamond Street Diner (Update – they’re closed) The shiny diner across from the town square, located at 717 Warren Street.  I avoided this place for ages, not sure why, but it’s the perfect place to go when you wake up feeling lousy and just need an egg and cheese on a roll and endlessly refilled coffee with those little cups of half & half.  Try to get a seat at the window.  Open at 6am.

Bagel Tyme – Bagel (duh) and sandwich shop at 41 North 7th Street (between State and Columbia).  Monday – Friday open at 6am.  Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

That leaves our (new) coffee shops in town, which now number 3!  Good for coffee and a pastry.

Strongtree Organic Coffee Roasters – When you care about your coffee – beans roasted in-house.  Located at 60 South Front Street across from the Amtrak station. Monday – Thursday open at 6am, Friday open at 7am, Saturday open at 8am and Sunday open at 9am.

Swallow – Direct trade coffee, located at 433 Warren Street.  Monday – Saturday open at 8am.  Sunday open at 10am.

Parlour Coffee and Tea House – Located in the old Muddy Cup space at 742 Warren Street.   Monday – Saturday open at 7am, Sunday open at 8am.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Julie on August 31, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    Do you know the exact address and/or phone number to Swallow? thanks!!


    • Posted by hungryinhudsonny on August 31, 2009 at 6:25 pm

      Swallow is at 433 Warren – just a door or two down from Otto the Turkish place and across the street from Olde Hudson. I do not have a phone number for them yet.


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