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when you need a grilled cheese and fries…

Service at Bob’s is much friendlier than the shiny diner further down Fairview… 

If you are driving around south of Hudson, then head to the Elizaville Diner not far off Rt. 9.  The “Happy Waitress” is a grilled cheese with tomato and bacon, served with fries, pickle and coleslaw.  Happy indeed.

I seem to be on a cheese and carb loading diet.  If french fries do not fit into your New Year’s resolutions, then you should run to eat them now. 

Why would people make resolutions against french fries???

it’s mac-n-cheese season

I love any excuse

I pity anyone that gives up dairy and wheat for this reason alone.  Apologies to all vegans/celiacs. 

I’m not sure if I’ve perfected the ultimate macaroni & cheese recipe yet…  must. keep. trying.

’tis the season

Time for last minute baking…  I think I will try snowballs, raspberry thumbprints, maybe pfeffernusse, bread for dinner and coconut chocolate bread for tomorrow’s breakfast.  What am I missing????

she bakes too?

Trixie is a Hudson renaissance woman of sorts…  Imagine my surprise when I was loading up on coffee supplies at Strongtree and I found baked goods by Trixie!  Of course I had to try.  My OH suggested I do a comparison between Trixie’s Ginger Grant and my Gingery Gingersnaps that I’ve been nibbling all weekend – but I know Trixie could take me down.  Let’s just say they’re de-lish with coffee.

Can you see the finger imprints across the top of the cookie?  Considering the source, this could be alarming…  But she covers local food sources, sorta, so we’ll take a chance.

corinna’s comestibles has popped up in Hudson

My prayers for a local bakery have almost been answered!

As Lick shut down for the season (and to focus on cheese), Corinna’s Comestibles has moved into the space for the time being and has been there for about a month.  They hope to be there Thursday – Sunday, but it depends on manpower and finicky mixers.  Offerings include baguettes, croissants (!), cookies and more. 

These are all gone now.

Also, I have to say I love the re-purposing of space.  Sharing is good.

winter walk wrap-up

Did you go?  For once I wasn’t freezing my a** off and was instead only fending off those crazy snowflakes that aimed straight for my eyeballs.

I love the holiday spirit and the performances and the opportunity to visit the galleries and shops, but what really grabs my attention is….  

Food consisted of mainly wine tastings and cookies at the various businesses we stopped at, chili and hotdogs for the classic winter street food options, but also pot pies and other steaming hot food were available from Red Barn, Georgia Ray’s and others.  And cookies from Corinna’s!  Food should always be the focus, don’t you think? 

That is probably it for events in Hudson and surrounds for the next couple of months as we hunker down for winter.  I hope your snow shovels are ready…


Can we just have month of giving thanks as we enter into a month of often crass commercialism?  I am behind in holiday everything, except baking…

Back to the Land…