a walk down warren

Taking advantage of the sunshine and almost warm weather, it was time for a stroll.  I passed by Olde Hudson thinking that they could really do more with their windows and a couple of steps later on the other side of the street I see “Olde Hudson, New Location, February”.  Goodie – I will have the perfect excuse for a cheese splurge.

Saffron does not seem to be at Hudson Supermarket – the temporary sign said something like: Cafe  – Taste.  Hmmmm.

And Corinna’s Comestibles?  The shades were up at Lick but no signs of life.  I was *so* excited about croissants in Hudson…

Almost at the river, the talk is coming up again about what to do with the old fire station – café? ice cream?  I definitely like those options better than the possibility of a haunted house (huh???)  Food of some sort could be a great draw down to the river, which is easy enough to forget some days…

I came back inside to continue baking cakes from the late great Gourmet…


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