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falafel mania coming to Hudson???

Sitting at Red Dot one night, we overheard “falafel” and “Hudson” used in the same sentence.  Ears perked up.  My OH asked the bartender if she had heard about this and she said that TWO falafel places were possibly opening up.  The first one will hopefully open in a couple of months on the 200 block of Warren (where? where?) and the other may open up in the building of many past uses (Jamaican restaurant, proposed/actual strip club, etc) on the park at 7th Street.


spring has sprung on Warren Street

Yesterday was a day for bicycling and exploring – nevermind that we didn’t get further than a couple blocks.

I love the little garden in Migliorelli’s window. Inside we found more local product: Beth’s Farm Kitchen jams and chutneys, Katchie Ketchup, Pigasso Farms AND Swoon bacon, Ronnybrook ice cream (!) and R&G Cheesemakers smoked mozzarella, goat cheeses and greek yogurt.  Can’t wait to try.

Is there anything better than an apple cider donut?

A man with an ice cream cone clued me in that Lick might be open for the season.  Yes!

Ice cream man said local residents had given him a hard time for not being open on our last nice weekend, 2 weeks ago, and knew he wouldn’t be able to walk down Warren if he didn’t open this weekend.  A tough crowd here in Hudson.  It’s a soft opening – just scoops.  Really, do you need anything else?

We ended the afternoon with a strong dose of caffeine at Swallow.  Sitting outside I could hear “(Intelligentsia) …best coffee in the country…”, “…there’s no soda here…” and conversation in Chinese.

A good afternoon.  Now the only question is where Tortillaville will open this summer…

beer tasting at Spotty Dog this Saturday

Leave your growler at home, or not, and get down to the Spotty Dog  Saturday night (April 3rd) for their occasional and sometimes regular Beer & Cheese tasting.  For $6 you get to taste the showcased beers paired with cheeses PLUS you get a pint of your choice.  A crowded fun yummy time for all.  I’m guessing 4 – 6ish pm.  See you there!

For drinking next weekend, check out the Pasta and Sauce (love the name) opening of the Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail on Saturday April 10, noon – 5pm.  There is a $15 Trail passport (for drinking) but they thoughtfully came up with the Designated Driver passport for only $5 (they still have to eat!)