spring has sprung on Warren Street

Yesterday was a day for bicycling and exploring – nevermind that we didn’t get further than a couple blocks.

I love the little garden in Migliorelli’s window. Inside we found more local product: Beth’s Farm Kitchen jams and chutneys, Katchie Ketchup, Pigasso Farms AND Swoon bacon, Ronnybrook ice cream (!) and R&G Cheesemakers smoked mozzarella, goat cheeses and greek yogurt.  Can’t wait to try.

Is there anything better than an apple cider donut?

A man with an ice cream cone clued me in that Lick might be open for the season.  Yes!

Ice cream man said local residents had given him a hard time for not being open on our last nice weekend, 2 weeks ago, and knew he wouldn’t be able to walk down Warren if he didn’t open this weekend.  A tough crowd here in Hudson.  It’s a soft opening – just scoops.  Really, do you need anything else?

We ended the afternoon with a strong dose of caffeine at Swallow.  Sitting outside I could hear “(Intelligentsia) …best coffee in the country…”, “…there’s no soda here…” and conversation in Chinese.

A good afternoon.  Now the only question is where Tortillaville will open this summer…


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