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I have nothing else to add.



I was digging along my back fence to plant flowers (late, I know) and I dug up these:  wild baby carrots!  My OH was skeptical and not interested in eating them.  Turns out they were just weeds.

That we should all have such a sturdy foundation for life…

spinachpalooza begins

That is over 4 pounds of spinach!  We stopped at Eger Brothers Farmstand at the corner of 9 and 23 and 31, just southeast of Hudson.  They have their stand set up for self-service; 1 bag for $2 or 3 for $5.  Bring singles.  And a plastic bag.

Tonight is simple cheese grits with garlicky spinach, very similar to last night’s dinner, and I’m thinking spinach salad,  bourekas, frittata…

random food fashion

I think we could make a number of these with our farmers market finds, no?  And to think that I’ve only thought to cook with my beautiful veggies…

heirloom madness

How crazy is this?

a quick farmers market round-up

This was lunch yesterday.  Thanks to a couple of new vendors at the market, we have 2 (!) sources for baguettes – competing baguettes!  I can’t remember if ours is from Corinna’s Comestibles or  Berkshire Mountain Bakery… Ice cream guy was hawking cheeses – I found out that Bench 8 cheese is on hiatus – he wanted to have a life.  I don’t blame him.  I only raise tomatoes myself because they do not need feeding twice daily.  We bought a Twin Maple Farm Hudson Red – a stinky gooey cheese made by Doug the cheese guy.

The familiar vendors were there as well as the new bakers, expanded offerings from Red Barn, more wool and even nursery plants.  Can’t wait to see who will be there once it really stops being cold.

I scooped up the last rhubarb in the market and had a lovely rhubarb crisp for dessert last night.  And breakfast this morning.  Three different colors of eggs from Flowering Heart have been boiled for egg salad sandwiches this afternoon.  And life is good.

the reason I have no ferns

Chuck likes fiddleheads.

There were beautiful little fiddleheads earlier in the morning, and then by afternoon, this.  Obviously humans are not the only ones foraging for yummy new foods this time of year.   I’ve eaten fiddleheads once or twice and find them an interesting dish, but more a novelty than anything.  Since my attempts at a little fern forest have failed (and now I know why), I will not be harvesting chez moi.  I wonder if Chuck’s working on my dandelion greens…

rain rain, go away…

Although I’m glad for the  sake of my landscaping attempts….

Don’t forget to support our farmers who have bravely shown up for the opening of the Hudson Farmers Market.  It just keeps getting bigger and better and I tell myself it’s due to me trying to spend $$ at each booth…

If you feel like taking a drive after lunch, head across the river and down, to the Gardiner Cupcake Festival.  You can’t really have too many cupcakes, can you?

celebrate spring with risotto

so tired of roots… (and if you know me you know I’m not talking about hair)

With asparagus and ramps (wish I had more than dandelion greens in my yard to forage!) I used Mario Batali’s risotto recipe and just embellished a bit.  Cut the roots off the ramps, chop the rest of the plant into 1-2 inch pieces, saute and throw in right at the end.  That and a glass of wine is all it takes to make me happy.

Our Hudson Farmers Market has its soft opening this coming weekend, May 8.  Remember that if you sign up for their newsletter you will get an email on Thursdays or Fridays with a list of products available on Saturday.  Come and support our local farmers!