a quick farmers market round-up

This was lunch yesterday.  Thanks to a couple of new vendors at the market, we have 2 (!) sources for baguettes – competing baguettes!  I can’t remember if ours is from Corinna’s Comestibles or  Berkshire Mountain Bakery… Ice cream guy was hawking cheeses – I found out that Bench 8 cheese is on hiatus – he wanted to have a life.  I don’t blame him.  I only raise tomatoes myself because they do not need feeding twice daily.  We bought a Twin Maple Farm Hudson Red – a stinky gooey cheese made by Doug the cheese guy.

The familiar vendors were there as well as the new bakers, expanded offerings from Red Barn, more wool and even nursery plants.  Can’t wait to see who will be there once it really stops being cold.

I scooped up the last rhubarb in the market and had a lovely rhubarb crisp for dessert last night.  And breakfast this morning.  Three different colors of eggs from Flowering Heart have been boiled for egg salad sandwiches this afternoon.  And life is good.


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