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hudson food on facebook

One day, I decided to look up one of our local food places on Facebook.  This is how Facebook sucks away your time…  Anyway, it’s the greatest way to keep up with all the happenings, menu changes or specials that places are featuring.  I love it!  Some are more active than others but be sure to check out:

I’m sure I’ve missed someone…

gardening update june 2010

Slowly slowly, we’re getting there.  The crazy rains a couple of weeks ago took out many of the herb seedlings that were just starting out in life.  The wild purslane, on the other hand, finds the conditions very suitable. Lucky for me The Farm at Millers Crossing has been selling plants at $2 so I quickly restocked, also planted some more basil seeds, and should be set for the summer.

There are strange mushroomy things growing under several of my tomatoes – I take it it’s a bit too shady and moist under there.  That doesn’t bode well for the tomatoes…

I finally figured out that planting aromatics is the only way to share a yard with a woodchuck or three.  I’ve planted peppermint and spearmint in a shady corner where nothing else has grown and am hoping it spreads like gangbusters.  The basil and rosemary seem to not attract interest.  The lavender by the back door is lovely to run fingers through and also never seems to be a woodchuck snack.

I never fancied myself a gardener, but the idea of a backyard oasis has prompted new skills.  However, I am off to cheer on the Homecoming King and Queen as the two boys lead the first Hudson Pride parade, organized by a fellow baker, Trixie Starr.  Never a dull moment.


Murray’s Cheese in NYC has started running get-a-wheys up to our area to visit cheese places – how much do I love that?  Today they’re going to Old Chatham Sheepherding to meet the sheep (and buy cheese and yogurt) and then somewhere else in our vicinity to do more of the same, somewhere. (note – it was Hawthorne Valley Farm)  How the heat today saps my brain of all staying power…

The next trip is in July where they visit Nettle Meadows – their Kunik is one of my all-time favorites!

I’ve been doing this kind of thing since I’ve been upstate, but with fewer city people.  I hope they discover the Pampered Cow cheeses along the way.  Every weekend should be a wheycation for me…

farmers’ market treasures

This is the small pile I came back with yesterday…  The organic strawberries from Red Oak Farm were on shortcake with Ronnybrook whipped cream inhaled last night, the organic beets and lettuce from the Farm at Miller’s Crossing will become a roasted beet salad for lunch today, the bok choy will be stir fried over sticky brown rice later this week, and I got the garlic scapes because they look cool.  Not sure what to do with them yet.

What I’m really excited about though is the polenta from Wild Hive Farm.  I’d heard about how they grind their own flour for their baked goods but haven’t managed to visit their store or cafe yet.  So, when I saw this at the cheese stand, I pounced.  Polenta from scratch topped with roasted veggies is one of my favorite meals at the moment – it might even be surpassing mashed potatoes.

I can’t believe I just said that.

falafel update

Still haven’t found the one downtown (am I blind???) but the one on the 7th Street park is coming along nicely.  Since this picture was taken though, they’ve added a sign: Park Falafel and Pizza.  and Pizza.

The Israeli I know is already boycotting this place.  Yes, while everyone in Hudson really has to be a renaissance person to survive, we need falafel that is fresh.  The challenge is on.

No website, just Facebook – very modern.

***9/19/2010 update: Still waiting for falafel.  But they promise a soft opening very soon…

***9/24/2010 update: posted here on another page: “Look for the grand opening of Park Falafel & Pizza. E-mail us and we will let you know when the opening is and send you a discount certificate!”  Email address is  October 1st???

Need a tipple with your strawberries?

Strawberry Fields event today and tomorrow (June 12-13) – drinking and strawberries!

In case a million fire trucks on parade isn’t your thing…