gardening update june 2010

Slowly slowly, we’re getting there.  The crazy rains a couple of weeks ago took out many of the herb seedlings that were just starting out in life.  The wild purslane, on the other hand, finds the conditions very suitable. Lucky for me The Farm at Millers Crossing has been selling plants at $2 so I quickly restocked, also planted some more basil seeds, and should be set for the summer.

There are strange mushroomy things growing under several of my tomatoes – I take it it’s a bit too shady and moist under there.  That doesn’t bode well for the tomatoes…

I finally figured out that planting aromatics is the only way to share a yard with a woodchuck or three.  I’ve planted peppermint and spearmint in a shady corner where nothing else has grown and am hoping it spreads like gangbusters.  The basil and rosemary seem to not attract interest.  The lavender by the back door is lovely to run fingers through and also never seems to be a woodchuck snack.

I never fancied myself a gardener, but the idea of a backyard oasis has prompted new skills.  However, I am off to cheer on the Homecoming King and Queen as the two boys lead the first Hudson Pride parade, organized by a fellow baker, Trixie Starr.  Never a dull moment.


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