anti-woodchuck recipes

This was a search term that led someone to this site.

I wish I had something to tell them.  My neighbor sprinkles cayenne pepper around all of her plants and I plant basil (which chuck doesn’t eat) around the parsley (which he mows down).  The author of The $64 Tomato goes to hilarious lengths to try to woodchuck-proof his garden – his garden buddy is named Superchuck.

The woodchuck is a powerful creature.

Dreaming of Creamed Woodchuck, Woodchuck pie...

***Update 7/24.  I was delusional.  Chuck eats everything.  Below you will see the carnage of a garden that I am left with: the twigs on the left were cilantro and parsley, the twigs in the middle were purslane that just appeared but I thought might make a nice salad, and the twigs on the right, supposedly guarding my herbs, is the basil.

I have no words.


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