wandering and eating. again.

I know that yesterday was national dance day, but for me it was a wandering and eating day.

The last Saturday of July is the annual Tivoli Yard sale – you can just wander around and find treasures.  This was my $2 treasure:

The title is about food, the content is not (as if you couldn’t tell): A historical novel of love and intrigue set in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.  Can’t wait.

More importantly, along with the annual town-wide yard sale, Tivoli Bread and Baking holds a pie competition on their front yard.  Note to self: show up at noon next year.

This is the Tivoli pie crowd.  They are each holding a white plastic fork (except maybe the dog) while listening to the announcement of the winners.  But really, most were here to taste.  I managed to try some rustic plum pie, a tart lemony thing with whipped cream and a raspberry, and a blueberry pie.  Since I don’t often bake pies, this was heaven.

I have no idea who won, and based just on these tastes, it didn’t matter (except to the proud winners!).  I wasn’t the only one – there was pie frenzy:

We then realized that we were hungry and while the ham and cheese sandwich at Tivoli Bread and Baking was calling my name (and I was right there!) we went off to try something new: ‘Cue2Go.  We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, a pork in a brown sugar sauce sandwich and mashed potatoes with gravy.  This was a tasty full meal deal which we ate on the picnic table out back.

We ate it all.  But that was it for the day – we returned to the backyard and took a nap in the gorgeous weather.  And skipped dinner.


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