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comfort food

What is your comfort food?

I’m currently eating in Oregon – there seems to be a fabulous thing for bacon and maple, yum – but when the creamy lattes and the pinot noir don’t warm me up in this damp cold, then what?

Julia, when describing the fish needed for a comforting bouillibaisse, tickling a lobster.

If that doesn’t have you giggling and comforted, I have nothing more to add.

Hudson Winter Walk 2010 – this Saturday

It always seems to be absolutely FREEZING on Winter Walk Saturdays.  Wear your layers and enjoy the town.  I hope to check out LOAF (Lick is Loaf for the winter season) for baked goods, investigate the bake sales (support the high school AND eat more Christmas cookies) and completely non-food related: check out the open studio for WGXC.