non-fishy fish? Local Ocean

Fish has become very fishy.

I have long identified as a fishatarian (with a weakness for bacon…) but that has become a challenge in recent years.  Fish seem to be either endangered (black sea bass) or toxic (everything else).  Trust me, using the Seafood Watch Pocket Guide is not easy.  At first I turned to farmed fish, but then as I learned more about farming methods (food, cleanliness), I realized that it was as awful as how industrial chickens are kept in their cages, or cows, or…

I have been reading about Local Ocean and have even seen their sign on 9 just south of Hudson.  Local Ocean claims to be sustainably farmed fish – here in our backyard!  A while ago we finally went to Price Chopper and asked for Local Ocean fish, which is sea bream for now.  They were out.  Then, this article in the NY Times about the fish at Local Ocean…

Recently we had success at Price Chopper and the fish was in!  So what is sea bream???  Fish guy informed me it’s also known as Dorade.  Ah, another fish renamed for fashion…  Regardless, the fish is sold whole and each is about a pound, at $7.99/lb.  Fish guy will gut and clean the fish and behead it if you prefer.  Not willing to grill when the temperature is in the teens, we kindasorta filleted it (still need to work on those skills) and pan sautéed it.  The fish is a firm white flesh and with just olive oil, salt and pepper it was really nice.  Recipes that I’ve found seem to mention cooking with fennel quite a bit – I’ll have to try that.  I can’t wait for grilling season and some fresh herbs.

Need more info? (Huge thanks for MUG for the list)

8/9/2013 UPDATE: RIP Local Ocean.


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