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Did you tour Twin Maple Farm?

Sadly, I missed the tour this year but will have to go next year.  I am always willing to taste more Hudson Red cheese…

if you love your food, you should love your farms

And take photographs!

Image courtesy of Slow Food

Large farming operations are trying to make illegal the taking of photos on farms – they do not want any heartbreaking images of the abuse of our food to get out.  Slow Food USA responded by asking followers to go out to farms and take pictures.  Click here for the full slideshow of Farmarazzi photos.

We should take photos of our Northern Hudson Valley farms!

local farm film screening this weekend

Sunday, May 29 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Upstate Films

6415 Montgomery St.
Upstate Films, Rhinebeck, NY

More Info
Free screening of the Greenhornsat Upstate Films! Q&A to follow with Greenhorns Director, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, and Outreach Director Patrick KileyMore information is here:

I can always eat more bread.

Cafe Le Perche is set to open late June in the 200 block of Warren Street (site of some excellent eggnog tasting during last year’s Winter Walk) – the Register Star covers it here.  I can’t wait for a good early morning tartine…

birth of a legend indeed

yum, but don’t eat!

Ed Bing Lee – ICECREAM CONE 2006

I have a whole new appreciation for french knots and other such stitchery

Are you planting organic veggies or eating cupcakes?

Too much to do and so little time…

Today is a gray day and since it’s not raining (yet) I must go outside to do plant-related things.  Word to the wise – move slowly.  I was trimming a shrub yesterday and a mama robin gave me a heart attack.  She has some very new squirmy babies in there and gives me the hairy eyeball every time I come near…

I’ve planted my little herblings, and good bug flowers from Hudson Valley Seed Library.  Today I plant the heirloom tomatoes and peppers from The Farm at Millers Crossing, and then mulch.  And mulch some more.  It’s live or die in my garden since it’s random when I can do anything so I hope this helps.

In the afternoon I hope to sit under the intoxicating lilacs.

And if I’m very good and get everything done, maybe I’ll check out one of my food “goals” this weekend: The Gardiner Cupcake Festival.    How can you resist a cupcake festival???  If only it were a little closer to home – say, the Copake Cupcake Festival…