Are you planting organic veggies or eating cupcakes?

Too much to do and so little time…

Today is a gray day and since it’s not raining (yet) I must go outside to do plant-related things.  Word to the wise – move slowly.  I was trimming a shrub yesterday and a mama robin gave me a heart attack.  She has some very new squirmy babies in there and gives me the hairy eyeball every time I come near…

I’ve planted my little herblings, and good bug flowers from Hudson Valley Seed Library.  Today I plant the heirloom tomatoes and peppers from The Farm at Millers Crossing, and then mulch.  And mulch some more.  It’s live or die in my garden since it’s random when I can do anything so I hope this helps.

In the afternoon I hope to sit under the intoxicating lilacs.

And if I’m very good and get everything done, maybe I’ll check out one of my food “goals” this weekend: The Gardiner Cupcake Festival.    How can you resist a cupcake festival???  If only it were a little closer to home – say, the Copake Cupcake Festival…


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