locavores are everywhere

The New York State Locavore Challenge starts Thursday for the entire month of September 2011.  Columbia County is a fantastic place to try this, and you can sign up for as little as the “bite sized” challenge.

Of course it would be so much easier if Grazin’ Diner were open already!  The local blogs are a-buzz (here, here and here) about the Grazin’ Angus family opening a local-sourced type diner.  I’m already a sorry excuse for a vegetarian (there’s that bacon problem, you see) – and this can only make it worse…

Until our ownAcres Co-op Market opens in Hudson for (more) local shopping, we have (local, biodynamic) Hawthorne Valley Farm in Hillsdale, featured recently in the NY Times.

The locavore movement seems to have revived an interest in foraging – you can’t get more local than that!  And we’re talking about more than ramps and fiddleheads.  I’ve got a full-blown purslane explosion in my garden (doing much better than the heirloom tomatoes) and heaven knows we are a master of dandelion in our yard in the spring.  The vestiges of the late, great Gourmet even did a piece earlier this summer: Eat Your Weeds.  I know I should be inspired, but I haven’t quite caught on yet…

Obviously I haven’t read enough books on the subject yet…

Good grief – it’s September already.  When did that happen???


One response to this post.

  1. Thanks for the mention of our project, and for the Facebook link. We also have a blog (acrescoop.wordpress.com) and a Google listserv (please send an email to our email to join…acrescoop@gmail.com)

    Keep blogging!
    Thanks ~ Peter


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