and you thought you were just going for a burger…

I wonder if the Grazin’ Family was expecting the hub-bub?  I think not.  But people are talking (about food) and that’s good.

Sam Pratt just posted Comparative Burgerology, comparing the prices of burger and fries combos at a number of area restaurants.  It’s a simple clean comparison of prices. Love the name.

Mentioned is the cost of eating organic versus eating less expensive fast food.  It’s a tough battle, especially as most people are counting their pennies (yes, even the weekenders…).  Mark Bittman, who has gotten much more political about food in the past couple of years, just posted a letter in his opinion column in the New York Times: Hey Chef! Get With the Program!  This letter to chefs from a meat wholesaler addresses the “cost” of cheap modern food and whether those cheap ingredients are worth it.  It makes you pause.

Don’t get me wrong – there are certain processed foods that I just haven’t been able to shake (I have a fixation with unnaturally orange “foods” right now…).  But then if you watch Food Inc. a time or two, you’ll want to chuck everything and move to a farm in Vermont (or, er, Columbia County) and raise your own food.  This film features the input of Michael Pollan (a chief food rabble-rouser), Joel Salatin and Eric Schlosser, among others.

Slow Food USA is “Supporting Good, Clean and Fair Food”, expanding the conversation in so many directions (like, will the new Girl Scouts Locavore Badge affect the cookies?!?!?).

Closer to home, the Etsy blog did a feature on someone bringing food production home with Breaking Local Bread: Wild Hive Farm.   Don Lewis brought wheat production, milling, baking back to the Hudson Valley Wild Hive Cafe/Bakery/Farm/Etc. because he thought it could be done, tastes better and is better.  (They mill a lovely polenta as well.)  Toward the end of the piece, with small smile, the Don sums up his work with two very powerful words: Bread Power.

Food is politics and you are voting with every bite you eat.


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