winter cleaning

The weekend has been all about cleaning, which isn’t typically how I would like to spend a weekend but it was satisfying nonetheless.

Yesterday was the cleanup of the potential space for Acres Co-op Market, which you can read about in the Register-Star today.  I’m not sure how many people came by throughout the day, but it was clean by lunch time.  I found it very cathartic to wrench weeds out of the ground in the space out back, and my back is not punishing me too badly today.  The next community meeting is this Wednesday, November 16th at 6:30pm in the lovely clean space at 7th and Columbia.  I am sure one of the things on the agenda will be fundraising…

Today in the morning sunshine I pulled the last plants out of the garden, chopped up said plants with dried leaves and added a mulch layer, and watered it down to start the decomp process.  Next week I’ll add more leaves and newspaper, water it down again and cover with heavy plastic for the winter.   I finally planted my garlic today, which I’m sure I was supposed to do last month but it just didn’t happen.  You’re supposed to plant garlic before the first frost and we’ve already had our first snow, but since it was in the mid-60s this week I figure all bets are off.  Let’s see how the garlic does this year…  I have to re-think my (tiny) gardening strategy for next year; while my marigolds were giant, my heirloom tomatoes were awful – a sign that I need to not grow them for a year.  Now that the garlic is in the ground, I have time to think.

And to dream of pumpkin desserts.  A pumpkin pie is a requirement this time of year, but I’m also thinking that this spiced-pumpkin souffle with a bourbon molasses sauce is an excellent excuse to buy some local bourbon.


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