a really belated winter walk wrap-up

…because it’s been that kind of week.

I don’t think it was just me – the Winter Walk seemed bigger and better than ever!  And for once I didn’t feel like a human popsicle after walking up and down Warren Street.  Thank you global warming.  Did you see all the new food options in town?

The 2nd annual Eggnog Challenge was the real deal and I challenged myself to try all of them.  I think I may have missed one or two.  But I did make it down to the Chocolate Bar, the winner of the Eggnog challenge.  Located  at 1 Warren (door on Front Street), this chocolate shop actually opens today, Saturday 12/10.  I am very loyal to Vasilow’s, but now we have chocolate options at either end of town.  That can’t be bad.

Truck Pizza has landed in the 347 lot recently vacated by Tortillaville (for the season).  Guess what they serve.  The line was too long that night so I’ll have to go back.

Taste of the Caribbean opened up right next door to the Italian Shop – a new source of jerk meat dishes and patties. Yum.

We popped in to the Acres Co-op  pop-up in their hopefully future space at 704 Columbia.  Tasted great vanilla and chocolate ice cream from a new guy who just started producing, and got a bottle of wine from Tousey Winery.  Which we promptly took home and drank.

Good time had by all.


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