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seeds of change

Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds at Mary Boone Gallery in NYC, through February 4, 2012.

My OH is obsessed by garinim so it was all I could do to get him out of there before he tried to eat one.  That’s probably why there was a security guard.

If you can’t go, at least watch this.

TEDxManhattan this weekend: “Changing the Way We Eat”

TEDxManhattan is hosting “Changing the Way We Eat” in NYC on Saturday, 1/21/2012 and you can watch it via live webcast all day.  The session starts 10ish am and goes to 5ish pm.  More info here – make it a party!    If you haven’t yet experienced a TED talk, you should, and you can find the mind-expanding selection here.

A little food for thought, shall we say?

new year’s resolutions anyone?

Personally, I don’t make them.  Just the word diet makes me reach for a cookie.  At least for me, resolutions seem a recipe for failure.

how can you say no to this?

I think of this after running into our neighbors at the Acres Co-op Market this weekend.  I was clutching my Dutch Desserts raspberry tart and my neighbor told me she’s not doing that sort of thing this month.  They’re eating clean and healthy for this month, including no drinking and no dessert.  Like I said…

So, here we are in the depths of winter and we have two, count ’em, two food markets in the town of Hudson.  They actually both opened up last weekend, January 6/7, but since I was laid out flat with a cold (ie, napping after breakfast, going through a box of kleenix in a day, etc.) I only explored them this past weekend.  Food happiness.

The Acres Co-op Market is worth checking out to find some new producers and products for Hudson.  I won’t dare try to list them all since I will inevitably forget someone, but in addition to the lovely raspberry tart I also got a small chunk of gruyere, tasted smoked chicken (!) and picked up a couple of Block Factory tamales for lunch.

a perfect light lunch

Acres Co-op Market is open Saturdays, 10am – 2pm.

Lick The Market has many favorites from the Hudson Farmers’ Market – so we were able to pick up Loaf pretzels, eggs and the stuff for a yummy roasted beet salad.  People were squeezed in, looking at the fresh herbs, picking up bread and leeks and veggies and I overhead someone say “We’re not in a food desert anymore”.  I’m not sure we’re there yet, but we’re making great strides.  Lick is open Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.

Along a similar vein, have you heard about the Hudson 10% challenge?  There was a notice in one of our bills this month, but you can also find more info here.  Naturally, I would like to use 10% less energy not only in the name of saving the earth, but also saving 10% $$$ a month.  That sounds good to me.  In digging around their website, under Quick & Easy Changes, points 3, 4 and 5 are:

  • Buy local
  • Join a CSA
  • Shop at farmers markets

And then further down they suggest to eat less meat (since large commercial meat production drains resources) and use reusable bags.  For me, this will happen a lot faster than filling my cold walls with insulation, I’m afraid.

Will this town take this “buy local” advice and support two small food markets plus the CSAs & non-CSAs we have available?  They all offer the mix of organic and conventional, primarily local but reaching further for certain goods.  It’s articles like this and this that make me want to get closer to the farmer and the source of my food.  Then again, I’m not willing to give up olive oil, citrus, salt, etc…   It can be mind-boggling, no?

How do you define good food?  How will you eat good food this year?

Hudson eating updates

Happy New Year!  I have seriously been in hibernation – I haven’t even baked cookies.  I finished off a bottle of Ronnybrook eggnog though.  Good stuff.

But, I digress.  I have gotten out of the house a little, only to find that Strongtree Coffee Roasters is moving?  Where???

On a happier note, January is Falafel Awareness Month.  Who knew?  Middle Easteners and vegetarians already know the value of a good falafel, and this month Park Falafel & Pizza is inviting everyone to find out.

Have you tried Truck Pizza at 347 Warren yet?  We’ve had a couple of pizzas and so far, I have to say they are tasty.  You can even get just a half pizza if you are feeling only a little peckish.  Call ahead to eliminate standing outside in the cold…

You may have already discovered this, but Friday and Saturday nights Grazin’ Diner is open until 9:30pm and serving Crossroads beer.

Which is also available at Mod down on Front Street. Have you checked out their gluten free as well as veg/vegan options?  All can eat here.  I recommend the Spicy Green Bean starter.

But back to beer.  If you want to try the full selection of Crossroads brews, as well as wine and their own rootbeer, you should take a little roadtrip to Athens across the river.  Crossroads is open until 9pm Sunday – Thursday, and 12:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.  They’re strictly beverages at the moment, but there is the Roadside Bistro food truck until their kitchen is up and running.

Obviously I have not made any crazy resolutions to eat less…