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When we talk about food in Hudson I tend to think immediately of farm-to-tableslashlocalslashseasonal etc. etc.  But, in the half dozen years that I’ve been eating in Hudson, our options have grown exponentially, giving us so many places to buy our food when cooking or to eat out when we’re lazy (or starving NOW).  We’ve had delicious Italian, yummy American, Mexican, Chinese and even Japanese options, but that’s just not enough anymore.  Our little town might be proof that the more choices there are, the more eaters we will attract.

Build it and they will come?

I tend to look for quick options for lunches, and I don’t often like to eat the same thing twice, and I don’t have the time or the budget to sit and dine.  There are choices for all palates and all price points in Hudson – and I have to say that I especially love all the cultures that are represented – and many of them are not expensive.  I’ve been checking out little storefronts, trucks and carts for some of the newest options in town.  But first, new on the groceries front: 

Hannaford is opening up in Livingston this weekend.  They don’t show up on the store locator yet so go to Bell’s Pond, near the intersection of 9 and 23 and 82.  It’s out of town but I’m a sucker for a brand new grocery store.

Closer to home, Acres Co-op Market just announced last week that they have a home on the 200 block of Warren.  Happily they will have bike racks which is a good thing for those of us who might be a little too lazy to walk.  Acres is shooting for a summer 2012 opening so if you’re a member, they need your help.

Now to our dining options:


Ponto Brasil is the food cart  that popped up on the 500 block of Warren Street but now has settled into the garden behind the lovely Lili & Loo at 3rd and Warren during the day and in front of Spotty Dog some evenings.  I like to think of him as “Steve Brazil”,  and while I haven’t yet tried the cheese bread, the feijoada was a yummy full meal deal.  Sam Pratt is following the politics that are following this cart.

Indian food:

Saffron Indian Food is no longer here (it’s at the Chatham Co-op) but we still have options.

You can find veggie samosas at Kennedy Fried Chicken on Warren Street (300 block) and they’re not bad.

It used to be Sohan’s Food Market and now it’s Nazma – a normal (dodgy-looking) corner deli at North 3rd and State Streets, but if you go all the way to the back there’s basmati rice, all sorts of spices, many in bulk, and bhel poori – use these along with in-season veggies to create a great Indian recipe at home.

And the newest  and probably classiest addition to our Indian food choices opened up just recently, The Chai Shop at Lillie K Traders (400 block of Warren):


Winnie’s is back with their truck serving Jamaican food, Tuesday through Fridays (depending on their festival schedule) on upper State Street near the old train depot.  Like them on Facebook to keep up with their schedule.  Two of us split a jerk fish platter + plantains and my half looked like this:

Or when Winnie’s isn’t open, try Taste of Caribbean (on Columbia & Green):

Don’t forget about West Indies Natural Food & Grocery (200 block of Warren) for food supplies:


3FortySeven Warren is going to morph into an outdoor eating emporium (“bar and food garden”) and there’s a rumor that there will be a Thai/noodle truck???  Follow 3FortySeven on Facebook to stay up to date with plans.  In the meantime  at this location we have the first food cart of Hudson, Tortillaville – it’s always good.  And surely you’ve tried Truck Pizza?

Hudson will be destination dining.  I have a feeling that The Crimson Sparrow will open first – I’m excited about that debut.  Then there’s the news that Zak Pelaccio is opening a restaurant in our little town of Hudson.  What kind of combination of Malaysian/barbecue/? will we get???

Be still my little cosmopolitan eating /beating heart.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for mentioning the co-op! We’re proud to be amongst so many food options in Hudson and in the supportive company of such bloggers as you! Here’s to a great summer for everyone.
    Peter Pehrson
    for Acres Co-op Market
    Hudson, NY


  2. Posted by Lee Gould on May 15, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Nazma is one of my favorite sources – I don’t know why, but their ginger is especially good, and inexpensive, when they have it. Also Indian spices….


  3. Posted by Justin Goldman on May 15, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Don’t forget Hudson’s great Falafel!


  4. It’s amazing to me that people are actually *complaining* about the food trucks and street vendors in Hudson. More stuff is good stuff, people! Business! Economy! Cheap food! Who doesn’t like that? Grouchy short-sighted people, it seems.


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