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well, blech!

Actually, my language is quite a bit stronger on this issue, but my parents taught me to not curse in public, or at least not too much.  As reported in The Gossips of Rivertown yesterday and the Register-Star today: Acres Co-op is no more, at least not for the foreseeable future.

keeping track using circles

I need to blow these up poster-size since I continue to be surprised  by what’s available…

But considering all our variables (WEATHER, greenhouse or not, etc.) it doesn’t really matter, does it?  I need to just relax.  I’ve been told that before.

For those of us who garden, this infographic can be a good resource if you have really good eyesight:

from {communicatecreative} on Facebook

Check out communicatecreative on Facebook for more great food-related infographics.

I’m going to go back to melting now…

(local) beer is worth traveling for…

(Apologies if you are receiving this again.  There have been some technical shenanigans of my own making – my phone and I have had words and it hopefully will not happen again.  A goddess woodchuck hunter helped me restore the content.  Now back to business.)

Traveling for local beer.  Wait, is that a contradiction???

An alumni from my university recently listed his guiding philosophy/quote as this gem from Benjamin Franklin: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Man after my own heart.

We bought our growlers maybe 6 years ago when sitting at Spotty Dog, drinking various North East beers that they had on tap. Loving the containers in and of themselves, nevermind that they stored beer, we first bought a small one, then soon after bought the large one as well in case we wanted more. What better way to drink beer in the back yard!

A couple of weekends ago, we packed our growler and took the new Hudson-Athens ferry across to Athens.  I’m a little sensitive when on boats and other moving vehicles (I can’t read a map while moving) so I was worried that the ferry trip might not set me up well for a night of drinking.  It was a smooth trip – no fear!  Our goal was Crossroads Brewing Company in Athens, a brewery that opened up over a year ago.  If you take the Hudson-Athens ferry across ($10 round trip) on a Friday or Saturday night, you get views like this:

Crossroads has friendly service and a great selection of good beer.  Like them on Facebook to keep up with what they have on tap in a particular week.  Over the winter there was a food truck parked outside serving good food; yesterday they posted that their new kitchen has just opened.  Welcome Chef Paul!  Crossroads is  a couple blocks straight up from the ferry – an easy field trip from Hudson, and it’s so lovely to not drive after a beer (or two).  Their doors are open for you:

If you don’t want to cross the river, you can travel up 66 to visit Chatham Brewing.

Bring your growler during Saturday Growler hours (11am – 5pm most Saturdays, except when they’re out winning awards) and fill ‘er up with whatever they might be brewing that day – like them on FB to keep up with any changes in hours.  Luckily in Hudson, Chatham Brewing has started coming to us on Saturday mornings at the Hudson Farmers’ Market.  Come early for best selection; they often bring a soda as well.  AND, they’ve begun bringing seafood.  What’s better than clams and beer – well, except maybe a Loaf pretzel and beer???   A recent story in the Register-Star indicated that they have just about outgrown their garage just off Main Street and they might have to relo – so stay tuned.

For other little day trips: if you like the C.H. Evans ale that you’ve tried at Spotty Dog, you can go to the source up at the Albany Pump Station.  I’m partial to the Kick-Ass Brown myself.  There’s also Brown’s Brewing Co., a huge brewpub up in Troy (you can also find this beer at Spotty Dog occasionally as well).  Or, in the opposite direction, Keegan Ales is serving up Mother’s Milk and others in Kingston.

Closer to home, I’ve just read that someone is seeking the zoning OK in Red Hook to open a small brewery.  More choices!

But if you want to take a bit of a road trip, I recommend booking yourself a room and traveling out to Cooperstown to visit Brewery Ommegang.  This is one big gorgeous brewing operation.

Try to arrive at the Brewery, just outside of Cooperstown ( approx. 2 hours from Hudson), say, shortly before lunch.  Find out their tour schedule, buy a ticket to the next one, and then be sure to stay for lunch.   The food is well-paired to the beer, and you can do flights so you don’t miss anything.  But to really try all of their beer, stay to the end of the tour where they give you a small glass and you can stand there and taste everything.  By the end the glass might slip out of your hand…

Ommegang set up the operation in this location because in the 19th century, hops was a major crop in the area.  And, there was access to clean water.  While they are a relatively huge operation amongst our local producers, one of the big reasons that I like them is because they have joined in the battle for clean water.  Ommegang is not happy with the possibility of fracking; for more on this subject, read here, here and here.

But you know what I love about beer?  The people who make it have a sense of humor.

They’re brewing men at Crossroads???

They’re just teasing

There has probably been more than one beer emergency…

Need some historical background?  If you’re in NYC between now and early September, be sure to check out Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History at the NY Historical Society.

Remember, Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  With so many upstate beer options we can be very happy!

everybody is talking about food these days…

I love it!

Chronogram highlighted local food trucks in its most recent issue and Hudson in an earlier issue, including bits and pieces of our food scene.

The Chatham Courier/Register Star highlighted Chatham Brewing earlier this week, and that they are outgrowing their Chatham garage – stay tuned for future plans.  Bring your growler to the Hudson Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to taste their latest offerings – but don’t wait too long as they often run out!

The Register-Star covers more and more of our food happenings and arrivals in our area.  They recently heralded the arrival of European goat cheese producers at Hudson Valley Creamery out on Route 9 in Livingston.

The Albany Times-Union recently announced the opening of Crimson Sparrow later this month – our newest fabulous restaurant that will surely get some of our citizens up in arms about prices…

For talk about everything food in the upper Hudson Valley – I love the review on local dairy products listing Nettle Meadow’s Kunik cheese as the best – check out the Chef’s Consortium.  Daniel B. (of a FUSSYLittleBLOG) wrote a piece on Coach Farm milk, also for Chef’s Consortium.  Berman is not a chef but he’s definitely an eater, with a definite point of view.

I always want to take a road trip to a restaurant when I read Rural Intelligence.  Sign up for their newsletter or Like them on Facebook to stay on top of things in our larger neck of the woods (including the Berkshires).

Sam Pratt talks about everything, right?, and keeps a handle on our own local food scene here.  The Gossips of Rivertown keeps tabs on architecture and food and etcetera, including the recent rather tragic news that Acres Co-op Food Market is not opening this summer after all. Scott at Upstate’s Downtown / Word on the Street  has covered the big plans at 347 Warren and even included the architectural renderings.   My heart is a-flutter.

Last, but certainly not least (no, really!), Susan Simon Says has moved to our lovely town and now eats and writes in Hudson – a great resource for delicious seasonal meal planning.

I’m hungry again.