food to-do’s:

OK, it’s just way too hot for me to want to move around.  However, if you are freshly showered and wanting to do something other than wilt on your back porch, check out these options over the next month or so:

Monday July 23rd – Acres Co-op Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, 1 Front Street (7pm).  This might sadly be a dissolution meeting, but as one of the board members said, it could be an opportunity to continue the discussion on the availability of good food in Hudson. (update: Co-op wasn’t dissolved!)

Thursday July 26th – Eat (and Drink) for Books – Support the Library at various restaurants in Hudson.  Loads of restaurants in town are participating – just look for the balloons out front and mention you are there to Eat for Books.  It’s a fabulous idea!

Saturday July 28th – Friends of the Farmer Festival at Copake Country Club in Copake Lake.  For those of you with the $$, there’s a Hootenanny fundraiser the night before.  Come on – don’t you want to say that you’ve been to a hootenanny???

Saturday July 28th (I think) – the Annual Tivoli Pie Contest on Tivoli Yard Sale day.  There is never any advance p.r. – you just have to know that the Annual Tivoli Yard Sale day is the last Saturday of July, and the Pie Contest happens on the front lawn of Tivoli Bread & Baking.  I hope.  I might just be spreading rumors.  Show up with a fork in your back pocket, just in case, at 12 noon.  There might be pie.

Sunday July 29th – the Austerlitz Historical Society 2012 Blueberry Festival in Old Austerlitz.  Eat. More. Blueberries.

(update: how did I miss this?)

Monday August 6th – Taste of Hudson Valley Bounty dinner – great opportunity to taste food from local farms prepared by local chefs

Next month is county fair month: the Dutchess County Fair August 21-26 and the Columbia County Fair August 29 – September 3.  You know you are going there to eat fried things.

And then there will be Taste of Hudson…

Well.  This blows all ideas of eating lightly and simply sweating off the pounds, doesn’t it?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the Library! All the restaurants are being so generous.


  2. Just to let you know of another great food event happening in your area,
    The Taste of Hudson Valley Bounty Dinner will be happening on August 6th from 5pm-8pm at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. This is a locavores dream culinary event!
    Helsinki Hudson, Crimson Sparrow, Blue Plate, Local 111, Crossroads Foodshop, The Old Chatham Country Store, Gigi’s Hudson Valley, The Tavern and the Beekman Arms, American Glory…too many to even put down will be creating dishes from products donated to them by our area farmers. If you’re hungry in the hudson area you should definitely come on by!


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