there’s some serious eating in front of us…

Happy International Bacon Day!

It’s International Bacon Day and the first day of the NY Locavore Challenge.  The goal is to engage consumers in “actively supporting the local organic food movement”.  Vote with your dollars and buy close to home.  Today, you can buy some lovely bacon from Pigasso Farms at the Hudson Farmers’ Market and have your own little fest at home.

This afternoon, head down to the waterfront for the Bangladeshi Cultural Fair.  This is one of the things I love about Hudson: Marina Abramovic AND a Bangladeshi Fair.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the first Bacon Fest NY.  I’m hoping there’s something left by the time I get there for lunch.  Please don’t eat everything!  I am a very bad vegetarian.

Monday, I will attempt to recover.  Labor Day is meant for resting, right? I don’t think I’ll make it to the Columbia County Fair which is running through September 3rd – I won’t have the stomach for the usual fair foods that I love to indulge in.

NEXT weekend, it’s the 4th Annual Taste of Hudson!  Warren Street below 3rd is blocked off and our local restaurants have loads of little tastes for our taste buds.  Buy your tickets and head on it!  But please do not tell anyone – it’s selfish but I’m not sure that I want to share…

If that is somehow not enough for you, drive south to Rhinebeck for the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  It’s happening at a fairgrounds – that’s a lot of food.

I’ve really got to work on speeding up my metabolism…

Bangladeshi Cultural Fair
Saturday September 1, 3-9pm
Henry Hudson Waterfront Park – Water Street, Hudson

NY Locavore Challenge
Starting September 1 for the entire month
The State of NY

Bacon Fest NY
Sunday September 2, 9am – 6pm
Henry Hudson Waterfront Park – Water Street, Hudson

Columbia County Fair
through September 3
Columbia County Fairgrounds, Chatham

Taste of Hudson
Saturday September 8, 11am – 2pm
Warren Street below 3rd, Hudson

Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest
Saturday September 8, 11am – 6pm AND Sunday September 9, 11am – 5pm
Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck

Happy Eating!

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