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Hudson Winter Walk 2012

Call me crazy nostalgic, but I love the annual Winter Walk in Hudson.  What’s not to love?  There’s beautiful decorations, and usually a tall guy on stilts, and both good and strange musical delights (I’m partial to the bagpipe myself) and of course, treats!  This year’s walk is Saturday, December 1st, 5pm – 8pm.

I always like to find the table selling homemade cookies to benefit someone, perhaps the high school, but I always skip the various hot dog/hamburger tables.  Restaurants and bars are always quite lively (and quite packed) this evening – so grab your seat early!  Also:

Truck Pizza will re-open for WinterWalk at 347 Warren.

Hudson Farm Box will be offering Taste of the Valley in the Alley – a tapas party on Cherry Alley (just off Warren).

The highlight (snack-wise) for Winter Walk has to be the Belo3rd Eggnog challenge.  I’m not even a huge fan of eggnog, but spike a drink and I’m there.

There are enough great eateries showing up uptown that perhaps there needs to be an equivalent Above7th (Hudson’s East End) challenge?

Layer on the long johns and grab your gloves!  I don’t want to hear any complaining about how it’s too cold to wander about being festive.



I am thankful…

… that our choices in Hudson continue to multiply.

… that Bonfiglio and Bread is open and serving this mushroom pizza, as well as sandwiches, their loaves of bread and other lovely bread things.

… that Crimson Sparrow has brought their vision of food to Hudson.  And when I don’t splash out for dinner (because I try to not eat out that often) their brunch offers a selection of 4 choices for a reasonable price.

… that Swoon and Ca’Mea and Red Dot and Spotty Dog and Baba Louie’s and Da|Ba and Park Falafel & Pizza  and Grazin’ Diner and Restaurant at Helsinki as well as relative newcomers Cafe Le Perche and Relish Hudson and so many other restaurants and trucks and carts (phew!) continue offering us such a variety of dining choices when we don’t wish to dine in.

…that we don’t have to eat out – and that Hudson can maintain an indoor farmers’ market on Saturdays starting the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I can continue buying local vegetables and cheese and eggs…  right here in town and give the money directly to the producers.  (I am thankful for (roasted) brussel sprouts.)

… that my latest new recipe, an attempt at making candy – sea salt caramels – wasn’t a complete disaster.  I actually ended up with toffee. (I’ll be especially thankful if I don’t lose fillings.)

… that it’s ginger cookie season.

… that my OH understands that running out of unsalted butter is a crisis and runs out to get me a couple of pounds.  And a bottle of wine.

… for good neighbors, great friends and family.

… that I’m actually never really hungry in Hudson.

Happy Thanksgiving!

wandering, escaping…

I’ve been a refugee upstate the past couple of days, as earlier in the week I was stuck in the darkness for a couple of days in NYC…  What a lovely time to be upstate!

Saturday was a day for foodie fieldtrips, and what a fun time.  I started, of course, at the Hudson Farmers Market.  I picked up some staples for the week, trying to not get carried away and buying more than I will realistically cook.  It’s an ongoing battle.

Early afternoon I joined a neighbor to visit Omi International Arts Center in Ghent for a book signing and marmalade tasting by Elizabeth Field for her first book, Marmalade: Sweet and Savory Spreads for a Sophisticated Taste.  As a baker, the unpredictability of marmalade, jellies and jams makes my hair stand up on end, but the recipes are compelling and I’m always willing to try some new recipes.  And who better to inspire me than a woman who did her Master’s dissertation on marmalade???  Ms. Field also has an article in the New York Times today on – you guessed it – marmalade.

Since it was such a lovely day and I didn’t feel like working on the garden anymore, my OH and I jumped in the car and drove down to Ancram for the opening of Hillrock Estate Distillery.  Located in the beautiful hills in the Ancram area, this beautiful distillery was built in the past couple of years to take advantage of the terroir – they grown their own barley and rye.  They hope to have their official organic designation next year, and pride themselves on being the only field to bottle bourbon.  Our informative tour was led by Tim Welly, who is in charge of the bourbon production under the guidance of master distiller David Pickerell (formerly of Makers Mark).  While I’m sure it’s incredibly challenging, it sounds like a cool job!  The tour of this gorgeous facility ended with a tasting, and since I like just about any bourbon that’s in front of me, it was tasty.  However, at $80-85 a bottle, I’ll have to save my pennies to have a bottle of my own…  They estimated that they may have had a thousand visitors yesterday, their first day, so it’s a great start for our latest local producer.


The weather has turned chilly so I’ve been baking and cooking warm comforting autumn-y foods.  I might recommend these delicious recipes:

Autumn Lasagne with Butternut Squash, Sage and Kale from Handpicked Nation

Stovetop Macaroni & Cheese from The Kitchn (this dish was going into the oven as the lights went out)

Couscous with Chickpeas, Fennel & Citrus from The Kitchn (I fed this to the friends who had offered the escape from NYC)

Parmesan-Rosemary Crackers from A Little Saffron – every bite is cheesy deliciousness.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Eating Well – every once in awhile I have a flareup of “healthy” eating…

Pumpkin Spice Cookies from The Kitchen – cake-y goodness

Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness cake from The Kitchn – Make. This. Cake.

Happy Eating!