Hudson Winter Walk 2012

Call me crazy nostalgic, but I love the annual Winter Walk in Hudson.  What’s not to love?  There’s beautiful decorations, and usually a tall guy on stilts, and both good and strange musical delights (I’m partial to the bagpipe myself) and of course, treats!  This year’s walk is Saturday, December 1st, 5pm – 8pm.

I always like to find the table selling homemade cookies to benefit someone, perhaps the high school, but I always skip the various hot dog/hamburger tables.  Restaurants and bars are always quite lively (and quite packed) this evening – so grab your seat early!  Also:

Truck Pizza will re-open for WinterWalk at 347 Warren.

Hudson Farm Box will be offering Taste of the Valley in the Alley – a tapas party on Cherry Alley (just off Warren).

The highlight (snack-wise) for Winter Walk has to be the Belo3rd Eggnog challenge.  I’m not even a huge fan of eggnog, but spike a drink and I’m there.

There are enough great eateries showing up uptown that perhaps there needs to be an equivalent Above7th (Hudson’s East End) challenge?

Layer on the long johns and grab your gloves!  I don’t want to hear any complaining about how it’s too cold to wander about being festive.



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  1. Thanks for picking up on our Hudson’s East End designation. There is a LOT going on at this end of town. Please stop by Hudson Chautauqua at 49A Eighth Street for homemade cider punch (a recipe from the 18th century) and homemade Scots shortbread (made with Pulgra European-style high-milk fat butter!). It’s $1 for a cup of each. We will have the Brooklyn band “Bottoms of Our Hearts,” a bathroom, and a place to sit down and get out of the weather. On view will be book artists making books and extraordinary hand-marbled papers, some from the Nepalese lokta bush.


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