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catching up…

My brain has melted.

Or drowned – hasn’t it been a crazy hot/rainy summer?

That’s my only attempt at an excuse for not writing for so long.  Well, the brain has been fried by the heat of summer, and huge upcoming life changes and watching the veeeeeeeery slow progress as my house moves from a peely-paint house to a lovely crisp clean abode.  It’s such an improvement that my electrician says that it will raise the assessments for the  entire neighborhood.  Sorry neighbors!



I intended to have a garden…  However, my harvest this year was garlic scapes.  And I cut those too late, leading to my second harvest, the tiniest heads of garlic I’ve ever seen.  I’ve got them curing in the basement, but I have a feeling I will be buying garlic from the farmers’ market…


I’ve visited a couple of restaurants in the attempt to escape our very un-air-conditioned house.

I love going to Bonfiglio & Bread for mushroom toast or the poached egg bowl (how do you describe it?) for breakfast, and even on days where the breakfast chef isn’t there, the kouign-ammans are de-lish.  I’ll be there when they open up again on Saturday the 17th.  I hope they’re poaching eggs that day.  Relish Hudson is also a great option for breakfast – really nice egg sandwich variations.  And I love sitting in the window on a quiet morning, gazing at our cute Amtrak station.


The Hudson Food Studio is our newest option for dinner and really helps round out the cuisine available in town.  Sam Pratt wrote a nice review of the place here.


Many days I have no desire to prepare food (what?) and if it’s super hot, it’s ice cream for dinner.  Lick has saved me from a melt-down more than once.  One of my new favorite desserts does take some cooking (baking the crust and making the blueberry sauce on the stove top – best done earlier in the day), but this blueberry ice-cream pie will make anyone happy.  I found the recipe while searching for gluten-free recipes when a dear friend was coming to visit, and I halved the sugar called for in the recipe to make it more friendly for those who watch their sugar intake.  It’s just delicious.  And who doesn’t need ice-cream pie?


For the most part I’ve been enjoying the bounty of our season and very often don’t do more than wash, peel (if necessary), cut up and eat.  This weekend, however, I found myself with a load of blueberries along with a half of a cantaloupe, and then I bought a couple of pounds of doughnut peaches and plums.  Too much goodness!  I solved this (partially) by attempting a recipe for blueberry refrigerator jam – success!  If you’re not into canning, and I’m not, this is a jam for you.  So is David Lebovitz’s No Recipe Cherry Jam which I’ve made numerous times.  And I haven’t tried this recipe yet but it looks just as easy:  Triple berry quick jam.

Dinner the past two nights has been corn on the cob, just barely boiled, plus some of the above-mentioned fruit.  Don’t you love corn season?  Maybe I’ll have the desire to cook something a little more elaborate next weekend – but I’m not complaining if I have to eat more corn.


Coming up!

Copake Falls Day on Saturday August 17th – I’m very excited about this as Margaret from A Way to Garden opens up her garden for Garden Conservancy Open Day and I love to wander around and imagine it’s my yard.  Maybe next year.   The Fabulous Beekman Boys will be there for a lecture/breakfast/book signing. Copake Falls, just this side of the border with Massachusetts.

Dutchess County Fair –  August 20th – August 25th – rides! fried foods!  Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck

Columbia County Fair – August 28 – September 2 – a classic county fair.  Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham

Taste of Hudson on Saturday September 7th, 11am – 2pm – don’t be silly and think you’ll get any food at 2pm.  Think early, people!  Warren Street below 3rd Street.

Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest on Saturday September 7th and Sunday September 8th – one of the biggest area extravaganzas.  Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck

and so we begin again…

champagne 2

Where did December (or the year) go?

December 1st started off with a lovely little snow, introducing the beginning of holiday baking as well as our latest Winter Walk.

Recipes I tried this month included shortbread with white chocolate/pistachios/cranberries, toffee, pfeffernusse (still looking for the perfect recipe), gingersnap/rumballs, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bourbon cheesecake, pumpkin soufflés with bourbon molasses sauce (see a theme here?), chocolate peppermint cookies (like pepperminty brownies), and a simple chocolate glazed chocolate tart. I feel like I’m forgetting something.  And yes, I tasted/ate all of these.  That sounds scary when I actually write it down.

We had latkes on the first and last nights of Hannukah.  I can never have too many latkes and thankfully Passover is spread over 8 crazy nights

I took a trip to the great Northwest where I was rained on a lot, and drank far too many lattes.  I also bought yet more cookbooks at Powell’s.

We survived the end of the world with no excitement whatsoever.

And we survived the Christmas gift exchange  getting no scary gifts (trust me, it was a close call).

The winter weather makes me want more comfort food.  This usually means some sort of cheesy carb fest, but instead I’m roasting some nice acorn squash and drizzling with a garlicky peppery vinaigrette before serving on simple rice.  I think I need a little new eating, to at least make up for any excesses this past month.  Or to allow space for the new excesses to come.

In the new year I’m looking forward to trying more new savory dishes, although I will continue to bake bake bake.  I have a monster butternut squash just staring at me, daring me to come up with something other than roasted winter vegetables.  I’m also looking forward to Zak Pelaccio‘s Fish & Game restaurant opening up on South 3rd, sometime in the new year.  I may need to get a 2nd job (and an exercise routine) to support my eating in Hudson.  I wonder what else might open up in our little  town of eaters?

And so we begin again…

Happy New Year’s!

everybody is talking about food these days…

I love it!

Chronogram highlighted local food trucks in its most recent issue and Hudson in an earlier issue, including bits and pieces of our food scene.

The Chatham Courier/Register Star highlighted Chatham Brewing earlier this week, and that they are outgrowing their Chatham garage – stay tuned for future plans.  Bring your growler to the Hudson Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to taste their latest offerings – but don’t wait too long as they often run out!

The Register-Star covers more and more of our food happenings and arrivals in our area.  They recently heralded the arrival of European goat cheese producers at Hudson Valley Creamery out on Route 9 in Livingston.

The Albany Times-Union recently announced the opening of Crimson Sparrow later this month – our newest fabulous restaurant that will surely get some of our citizens up in arms about prices…

For talk about everything food in the upper Hudson Valley – I love the review on local dairy products listing Nettle Meadow’s Kunik cheese as the best – check out the Chef’s Consortium.  Daniel B. (of a FUSSYLittleBLOG) wrote a piece on Coach Farm milk, also for Chef’s Consortium.  Berman is not a chef but he’s definitely an eater, with a definite point of view.

I always want to take a road trip to a restaurant when I read Rural Intelligence.  Sign up for their newsletter or Like them on Facebook to stay on top of things in our larger neck of the woods (including the Berkshires).

Sam Pratt talks about everything, right?, and keeps a handle on our own local food scene here.  The Gossips of Rivertown keeps tabs on architecture and food and etcetera, including the recent rather tragic news that Acres Co-op Food Market is not opening this summer after all. Scott at Upstate’s Downtown / Word on the Street  has covered the big plans at 347 Warren and even included the architectural renderings.   My heart is a-flutter.

Last, but certainly not least (no, really!), Susan Simon Says has moved to our lovely town and now eats and writes in Hudson – a great resource for delicious seasonal meal planning.

I’m hungry again.

so many options…

When we talk about food in Hudson I tend to think immediately of farm-to-tableslashlocalslashseasonal etc. etc.  But, in the half dozen years that I’ve been eating in Hudson, our options have grown exponentially, giving us so many places to buy our food when cooking or to eat out when we’re lazy (or starving NOW).  We’ve had delicious Italian, yummy American, Mexican, Chinese and even Japanese options, but that’s just not enough anymore.  Our little town might be proof that the more choices there are, the more eaters we will attract.

Build it and they will come?

I tend to look for quick options for lunches, and I don’t often like to eat the same thing twice, and I don’t have the time or the budget to sit and dine.  There are choices for all palates and all price points in Hudson – and I have to say that I especially love all the cultures that are represented – and many of them are not expensive.  I’ve been checking out little storefronts, trucks and carts for some of the newest options in town.  But first, new on the groceries front: 

Hannaford is opening up in Livingston this weekend.  They don’t show up on the store locator yet so go to Bell’s Pond, near the intersection of 9 and 23 and 82.  It’s out of town but I’m a sucker for a brand new grocery store.

Closer to home, Acres Co-op Market just announced last week that they have a home on the 200 block of Warren.  Happily they will have bike racks which is a good thing for those of us who might be a little too lazy to walk.  Acres is shooting for a summer 2012 opening so if you’re a member, they need your help.

Now to our dining options:


Ponto Brasil is the food cart  that popped up on the 500 block of Warren Street but now has settled into the garden behind the lovely Lili & Loo at 3rd and Warren during the day and in front of Spotty Dog some evenings.  I like to think of him as “Steve Brazil”,  and while I haven’t yet tried the cheese bread, the feijoada was a yummy full meal deal.  Sam Pratt is following the politics that are following this cart.

Indian food:

Saffron Indian Food is no longer here (it’s at the Chatham Co-op) but we still have options.

You can find veggie samosas at Kennedy Fried Chicken on Warren Street (300 block) and they’re not bad.

It used to be Sohan’s Food Market and now it’s Nazma – a normal (dodgy-looking) corner deli at North 3rd and State Streets, but if you go all the way to the back there’s basmati rice, all sorts of spices, many in bulk, and bhel poori – use these along with in-season veggies to create a great Indian recipe at home.

And the newest  and probably classiest addition to our Indian food choices opened up just recently, The Chai Shop at Lillie K Traders (400 block of Warren):


Winnie’s is back with their truck serving Jamaican food, Tuesday through Fridays (depending on their festival schedule) on upper State Street near the old train depot.  Like them on Facebook to keep up with their schedule.  Two of us split a jerk fish platter + plantains and my half looked like this:

Or when Winnie’s isn’t open, try Taste of Caribbean (on Columbia & Green):

Don’t forget about West Indies Natural Food & Grocery (200 block of Warren) for food supplies:


3FortySeven Warren is going to morph into an outdoor eating emporium (“bar and food garden”) and there’s a rumor that there will be a Thai/noodle truck???  Follow 3FortySeven on Facebook to stay up to date with plans.  In the meantime  at this location we have the first food cart of Hudson, Tortillaville – it’s always good.  And surely you’ve tried Truck Pizza?

Hudson will be destination dining.  I have a feeling that The Crimson Sparrow will open first – I’m excited about that debut.  Then there’s the news that Zak Pelaccio is opening a restaurant in our little town of Hudson.  What kind of combination of Malaysian/barbecue/? will we get???

Be still my little cosmopolitan eating /beating heart.

Hudson eating updates

Happy New Year!  I have seriously been in hibernation – I haven’t even baked cookies.  I finished off a bottle of Ronnybrook eggnog though.  Good stuff.

But, I digress.  I have gotten out of the house a little, only to find that Strongtree Coffee Roasters is moving?  Where???

On a happier note, January is Falafel Awareness Month.  Who knew?  Middle Easteners and vegetarians already know the value of a good falafel, and this month Park Falafel & Pizza is inviting everyone to find out.

Have you tried Truck Pizza at 347 Warren yet?  We’ve had a couple of pizzas and so far, I have to say they are tasty.  You can even get just a half pizza if you are feeling only a little peckish.  Call ahead to eliminate standing outside in the cold…

You may have already discovered this, but Friday and Saturday nights Grazin’ Diner is open until 9:30pm and serving Crossroads beer.

Which is also available at Mod down on Front Street. Have you checked out their gluten free as well as veg/vegan options?  All can eat here.  I recommend the Spicy Green Bean starter.

But back to beer.  If you want to try the full selection of Crossroads brews, as well as wine and their own rootbeer, you should take a little roadtrip to Athens across the river.  Crossroads is open until 9pm Sunday – Thursday, and 12:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.  They’re strictly beverages at the moment, but there is the Roadside Bistro food truck until their kitchen is up and running.

Obviously I have not made any crazy resolutions to eat less…

Grazin’ Diner is open – a friendly burger

It’s a friendly burger.

I was crazy excited about Grazin’ Diner opening up (I really need to get out more, it seems).  Part of it is about having the cool looking diner on the park open again, part of it was about the sustainability of the ingredients, but mostly I think it’s because it’s a “regular” restaurant that is all about local sourcing.  Grazin’ does use a Vermont cheese, but it’s a good one (Consider Bardwell) and it’s just the next state over, right?

The menu is burgers and sandwiches for the most part (meat from Grazin’ Angus Acres, natch; buns from Hawthorne Valley Farm), which come with pickled veggies and lovely fries.  It’s a full-meal deal.  There are a few selections for vegetarians (a portobello burger, a grilled cheese, soup, a hearty salad). If you are still hungry, there are milkshakes (dairy from Milk Thistle Farm) and “grandma’s goodies” – a selection of simple cakes and cookies. The food looks plain and good and tastes clean and good.  The service is friendly, starting with Chip welcoming you at the door.  The diner itself?  Clean, simple and modern.  And in a nod to their ethics, there are no dying cut flowers, but little crocks of growing green grass.  I should put them in charge of my lawn.

They are open Thursdays – Saturdays for lunch and dinner.  On Sundays it’s brunch.  I heard our server explain to the next table over that they’re not serving breakfast during the week because they might run out of eggs.

  • Grazin’ Diner
  • 717 Warren Street
  • Thursdays – Sundays

This is supporting your local farmer.

we’re not in Kansas anymore…

There are so many eating decisions to make these days!  We never used to have such choices.

Italian Market + Deli – do you not love the simplicity and obviousness of the name?  I need to peruse the offerings further, but it seems simply like an old school Italian store as you can easily get used to in NYC (I still love Raffetto’s on West Houston)… Italian Market + Deli is holding down a corner of the 7th Street Park – yet another improvement for that area, and it leads one right to Vasilow’s

Bruno’s has opened up on the 200 block of Warren – more falafel!  Can you believe we have falafel choices in Hudson???  As a friend said, all we need now is a Dojo’s and life upstate will be complete.

What about American Glory opening up a truck at 5th and Warren?  I didn’t see that one coming.  I think we have room for all of these businesses in town, love food trucks and I’m all about tasty and not sooo expensive lunch options but maybe the sign could be a little classier?  (Really? Duct tape?)


And finally, there’s the jerk truck at State and 7th-ish.  I haven’t been able to get there when they’re open so this photo is courtesy of my OH – I want to see what kind of operation they have in this huge truck!  One of the signs on the truck says “Eat Fish, Live Longer” or something along those lines so I figure they must be good.


j’aime bien Cafe Le Perche

Shhhhhh!  They’re in soft opening and I’d like to keep them to myself as long as possible please.  So don’t tell anyone.

My quest for yummy bread that I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for (being a budget minded eater) had me terribly excited about Cafe Le Perche and their bread oven.  Let’s just say that last weekend I was in heaven.  Why?

Seriously, you must run there and try it.  How am I going to get past this cinnabun gorgeousness to try their other baked goods?  And they don’t have their bread oven in operation!  I didn’t take a picture of the array of goods as I’m sure it will change, but the selection included a vegan muffin, something made with spelt and an espresso brownie made with a Strongtree blend.  Love the local business synergy.

Wait.  Forget everything I told you and don’t go there and check it out.  I need my seat.

Holy Cow.  Their Facebook page shows croissants.

The upper Hudson Valley is starting to come out of hibernation

Was it just me or did you really feel like you were in hiding this winter?  Of course, winter was a fabulous excuse for mashed potatoes with cheese, cheesy polenta, macaroni and cheese… (see a theme here?)

Food happenings are starting this month and I’m excited!  It’s a good place to be an eater.

Foraging is happening NOW – dandelion greens, ramps, mushrooms?  For more on local gathering, click here. Just remember to leave some for next year please.

Thursday April 28 is Dining Out For Life (Dine Out, Fight Aids) where 25% of your food bill will benefit the HIV education and prevention programs of the AIDS Council.  Click here to see the local participating restaurants (Red Dot, p.m., Mexican Radio, etc…)

Saturday April 30 – Basilica is hosting the Hudson Valley’s First Annual Ramp Festival.  Hours are 1-5pm and the entry fee includes “all the ramps dishes you can stand!” Tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for kids under 12 (do kids under 12 eat $20 worth of ramps???)

Saturday April 30 is also the last day of the Indoor Market that has been keeping everyone intact for the past couple months.  Then, the following week:

Saturday May 7, the Hudson Farmers’ Market opens for the season, 9am – 1pm at 6th and Columbia.  The picture on their site teases us with ramps – perhaps you can experiment if you’re not ramped out by then?  Otherwise, buy plants to start your garden if you haven’t started seedlings… The Farmers’ Market is also promising more new vendors this year – it just continues to evolve in great ways.

But perhaps I move too fast – perhaps you do not wish to cook at all?  Have you tried the newest restaurant in town, Mod?  Can you have too much comfort food?  (*NO*)

Also on my list to try is the Restaurant at Club Helsinki – food and music in a beautiful space

LoafHudson has moved to share space with Swallow – fabulous baked goods and good coffee at 433 Warren Street…

Which means that Lick is back for ice cream!

Tortillaville promises to be back at 347 Warren by the end of May

and Sam Pratt revealed that the Diamond Street Diner has been purchased and will become something for the locavores that run rampant here…

WOW – hungry yet?

bbq in the Hudson area

You can almost pretend you’re down south, y’all.

Fourth of July is almost here and that makes most Americans think of barbecue, cookouts, eating too much outside, etc.  However, if you’re not up to grilling outdoors (because, say, you don’t have a grill.  Or a backyard) we have a number of bbq options in the area.  I’ll start with the one I haven’t been to yet, and yet can’t wait to try: ‘Cue2Go.

This is the view just off of 9G, heading south from Hudson (but before Tivoli).  The prices look great, they have options and plenty of sides if you don’t want pork and I’ve read good reviews.  I’m looking forward to the taste test. 

If  that’s a little too casual and you want to eat indoors, go a little further south and over to just south of Red Hook to Max’s Memphis Barbeque.

Max’s is a nice option if you want more than take out but not a fancy dinner.  We’ve hit it a couple of times heading up to Hudson back when we didn’t have so many options…  But we have a couple of options actually in Hudson (and, well, Greenport).

American Glory opened up about a month ago and it’s booming.  Located on the 300 block of Warren Street, there are two floors of seating: the bar area downstairs and the quieter upstairs.  One of the best things is the mixed crowd – the price point and menu brings in all types.  Actually, that seems to be a problem too…  They have sandwiches, plates, numerous appetizers and lots of meat.  The veggie burger was ok, the catfish po’boy was good, the fries great.  I’ll go again – I need to try appetizers.

To think, when we first arrived, our only bbq option was Bubba Bean’s

  • ‘Cue 2 Go
  • 230 CR 6 Clermont (just off 9G)
  • Wednesday/Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday/Saturday 11am – 8pm
  • 518-537-Q2Go


  • Max’s Memphis Barbecue
  • 136 S. Broadway, Red Hook
  • Tuesday – Sunday 5-10pm
  • 845-758-6297


  • American Glory
  • 342 Warren Street, Hudson
  • Every day, late
  • 518-822-1234