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an ode to Loaf

No, they’re not new.  But Loaf is good.

a Loaf loaf

In the summer I’m willing to pay people for bread – anything to not have the oven on. Of course, I’m willing to pay for food that I can’t make (as it is frowned upon to just take it…) or for food that looks crazy yummy.  Alright alright, declarative statement, I’ll pay for good food (being especially partial to baked goods…).

Back to Loaf.  Now headquartered at Swallow at 433 Warren, this is a great lunch option.  Swallow is not really an early morning breakfast place, and the Loaf side doesn’t open up until 11am.  So make it lunch, or an afternoon snack.

Loaf lunch

You can also find Loaf at the Hudson Farmers’ Market. Not at 9am.  Maybe 9:30.  But you know what?  It’s worth waiting for.  Grab a loaf for later or whichever smaller baked good that they’re featuring that day.   One Saturday we got these seedy pretzels and they made our lunch magnificent.

Loaf pretzel

I would be so sad if I were gluten-intolerant.

*If you want to get technical, here is the definition of ode.

*Update November 2012: Loaf is now Bonfiglio & Bread, located at 748 Warren Street.

Hello world!

1st attempt

1st attempt

I baked bread yesterday! 

That doesn’t really sound that remarkable except that I have a fear of cooking with yeast.  I’m a baker of all things except yeast bread.  I’d stuck my toe in the water with the “No Knead Bread” from Jim Lahey (Sullivan Street Bakery / Co.) when it ran in the  New York Times.  However, now I have a Dutch oven (for proper steaming) and saw this new recipe in Eating Well: Seeded Multigrain Boule.  Yum!

I’m going to continue working on it – I think it was a little dense and the airpockets weren’t big enough.   Call me fussy. However, we’ve had great toast, and I can live on (good) toast some days. 

Not every day.